• Name That Storybook, Game 2: July 18, 2010

    Round two! Ready?

    Here’s a quick reminder of how to play the game…

    The game: I post a paragraph from a book in my library. You guess which book it’s from. Post your answer as a reply. First correct answer posted on Tumblr wins!

    The catch: So you don’t go and Google the answer - aha, you thought you were going to be clever, eh? - I’m rewriting the paragraph in my own words.

    The prize: First person to guess the source of this paragraph will win the glory of having their name posted on the List of Winners, which will be included in every installment of this game in the future as it progresses. That’s right: EVERLASTING GLORY.

    Here’s the deadline: Wednesday, July 20th, 3pm (PST)


    Here we go.

    "I recall the first sketches of Mom’s face - a straight and long nose, brown and clear eyes, and she had high cheekbones. She was slight. And small. She had thin arms, with such smooth skin. The bones of her thin, long fingers… delicate. Her face, so smooth, smelled of soap. I loved it when she’d listen to me recite my evening prayer, with her face near to mine, before I called it a night."


    Game 1: Jen Cox identified a paragraph from Tikki Tikki Tembo.


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