• Oh, to vex me, contraries meet in one:
    Inconstancy unnaturally hath begot
    A constant habit; that when I would not
    I change in vows, and in devotion.
    As humorous is my contrition
    As my profane love, and as soon forgot:
    As riddlingly distempered, cold and hot,
    As praying, as mute; as infinite, as none.
    I durst not view heaven yesterday; and today
    In prayers and flattering speeches I court God:
    Tomorrow I quake with true fear of his rod.
    So my devout fits come and go away
    Like a fantastic ague; save that here
    Those are my best days, when I shake with fear.

    - John Donne, “Oh, to vex me, contraries meet in one” … one of the Holy Sonnets, which becomes a song on the new album by The Welcome Wagon. Soon, we’ll all be joyfully singing the refrain: “Those are my best days, when I shake with fear.”
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Jeffrey Overstreet is the author of a four-volume fantasy series called The Auralia Thread, which includes Auralia's Colors, Cyndere's Midnight, Raven's Ladder, and The Ale Boy's Feast - as well as a memoir of "dangerous moviegoing" called Through a Screen Darkly, which has become a popular university textbook on film interpretation and faith.

He is also a contributing editor to Seattle Pacific University's magazine Response, and a blogger at LookingCloser.org.

He reviews movies twice a month for Image.

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